Macros 101

Have you been hearing all about "Macros" and been wanting to learn how so many women and men are reaching their weight loss and body composition goals without feeling deprived?

In six weeks, we will fast track you to understand the ins and outs of macros and have you tracking, hitting your goals, and on a path to a healthier, happier, & more confident lifestyle.

Why macros?

Macro counting can give you SO MUCH FREEDOM with your food choices again.

But I know they can be super confusing and there are a million online calculators giving you different numbers. 

That's why I created MACROS 101.

This program will teach you how to understand your body's needs for your goals, how to track and hit your macros, and how to do it in a way that is completely sustainable so you can feel more confident and rock those clothes hidden in your closet again.

This will all be taught in a community of like-minded women going through the same process as you. Snag your spot before we begin October 25th.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried countless diets only to say screw it and revert back to your old ways.

  • You eat clean all week, go off the rails on the weekend, and "restart" every Monday.

  • You’ve been eating 1200 calories or eating “clean” with no results. 

  • You’re sick of drinking shakes and eating bland, boring foods that never leave you feeling satisfied. 

  • You want to be able to go to parties and on vacation and not fear or obsess about food. 

  • You’ve been eating low carb, but constantly struggle with cravings and lack energy.

  • You feel hopeless and wonder why no diet has worked for you.

I've got news for you. It's not that you're broken. The diet was. It's time to ditch those unsustainable approaches for good. I'm here to teach you one that FINALLY is sustainable!

Steak Tacos

What's included?

  • 6 weeks of Live trainings on all things macros & building a healthy lifestyle! If you miss a call, all trainings will be recorded so you can watch on replay

  • Guidance to calculate your personal calorie and macronutrient needs specific to your personal goals.

  • A Private Community of Women where all recorded trainings will be housed. The community is also for you to ask any questions, reach out for support, and CHEER EACH OTHER ON as we push through the holiday season

  • Weekly Group Check-ins

  • Carb, Fat, & Protein Cheatsheets

  • Macro Friendly Meal & Snack Guide

  • Restaurant Guide

  • Pre, Intra, and Post-workout Fueling Guide

  • My Fitness Pal tutorials

  • Holiday Survival Guide

Live Training Topics will include:

What are macros (breaking down the basics)

How to figure out your calorie and macronutrient needs

How to use MyFitnessPal to track macros

How to lose weight while still fitting in the FUN (wine, beer, pizza, pasta, etc)

Quick and easy meal planning and prepping

Mindful eating tips

Ditching the diet mindset

How to track progress beyond the scale 

Navigating holiday parties

Continuing toward your goals beyond 6 weeks

I know you've been waiting for this.

I'm so excited to teach you it all! 

Hit the link below so you don't miss out on discovering how to look and feel amazing in your body! And get results following a plan 100% customized to you!

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*Program is for Women only
We start October 25th.
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